1. What are Group I services?
Answer: These are highest services (government jobs) like Deputy Collector, DSP, CTO etc at the state level. The examination is conducted by the respective State Public Service Commissions.

2. Who can appear for this exam?
Answer: Any graduate. 

3. What is online learning?
Answer: The teaching are through specially designed software with the support of internet and it is the simplest and more effective way of learning. 

4. Why online?
Answer: No need to go to a class room... Your room itself is a class room.
No travelling....You can save a lot of time
No disturbance from others...All doubts can be mailed immediately.

5. Is it costly when compare to the class room coaching?
Answer: No. It is very much cheaper when compared to class room coaching. Calculate the fee structure, travelling expenses, traffic hiccups, class room issues like non availability of seats, non visibility of the board etc. All these are no more issues with ‘Group1.ONLINEIAS.COM”

6. Who are the faculty members?
Answer: Best of the faculty members will be interacting with you live. 

7. What are the requirements to study online?
Answer: Desktop or Laptop with internet connection with a minimum speed of 512 kbps, and a head set.

8. What are the disadvantages with online coaching?
Answer: You cannot communicate to the faculty member whenever you require during the class. But, you can mail your doubts at any time after the class. 

9. How to register and pay the money?
Answer: Under APPSC/TSPSC in the main page click on 'Registration', there the procedure of payment is explained. 

10. How can I attend the class if I miss because of any reason?
Answer: Each class will be a live class. If you miss any class,  then video recorded will be available on the site for 45 days from the date of live class. During this period you can watch the video any number of times. 

11. Where ‘ONLINEIAS.COM’ is located?
Answer: This is located at H.No. 7-1-277/353, LIGH, APHB, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar,  Hyderabad - 38. All classes are conducted from Hyderabad. 

12. Who is the Director of ‘ONLINEIAS.COM”
Answer: It is KALYANSIR (N.Kalyana Chakravarthy, MA (Human Resource Management)) with an experience of 16 years in teaching for civil services aspirants.

13. Is this training also useful for the students who are in intermediate and degree and aspiring to become IAS/Group I officers?
Answer: It will be like a cake walk for such students when they appear for the examination first time. This is possible if they start preparation from now.